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A big thank you to all my supporters

It now seems like a good while ago, back at the start of May this year, that I finished the bike ride across Australia, from Cottesloe beach on the Indian Ocean in Perth, to the Pacific Ocean at Pambula. While it was meant to be one sequential journey, starting in Perth and riding east all…

Highlights of the trip

Now some more of the good bits The last of the highlights is not a side trip or a place visited along the way, but the reflections on the time spent in the saddle riding. From the outset, I must say that there was never a day in the whole trip, that I didn’t look…

Now .. some more of the good bits

After setting out from Cottesloe Beach, to Northam, through Merredin and 600km out to Kalgoorlie, we took a couple of days off there to explore. The town of Kalgoorlie was fantastic, and our day out to Lake Ballard to the north just so memorable. All the old (1895-1905 mostly) buildings in Kalgoorlie were in such…

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